May 27, 2017

The 2017 Conservative Party leadership convention




Today was a busy day for RF Wireless and all our clients. We provided integration for CPAC, CTV, SRC and CBC to deliver clean shows to their audiences while also providing frequency coordination to everyone onsite. With so many outlets onsite the frequency coordination was a busy job but well worth the effort for all involved.

  • 7 RF Camera Links
  • 5 with CCU control
  • Multiple BTR’s
  • Various UHF transceivers and channels
  • Stick Mics
  • Bodypack transmitters with Boom operator integration.
  • Fibre head deployment
  • Rolled out the trailer and the van for this one.
  • Great Crew onsite: Jeff L., Bob W., Dan D., Scott N., Rob B.
  • Check out this image in VR mode at:

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