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Fixed Link Microwave
  • Short and long haul links
  • Repeater link systems
Fibre Optic Systems
  • Multi mode and single mode, multiple video and audio systems
  • RF over fibre – remote antenna heads enabling back haul of RF signals over long distances
 Frequency Allocation
RF Communications Systems
  • Comprehensive selection of high power systems offering large venue coverage
  • Fully duplex high power wireless intercom systems
  • High power IFB’s with or without talk back
  • Wide area coverage repeater communication systems
  • Studio wireless intercom full duplex, complete with independent talk back channels
RF Camera Systems
  • Wireless camera systems – Digital SD & HD
  • Motorcycle relay camera systems
  • Helicopter-blimp camera systems
  • ENG mast production trailer facility – accommodates any client need

i.e.: edit facility, live transmission facility, etc.

RF Audio Systems
  • Broadcast quality Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Applications short & long range i.e. theatre, golf


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